Heather Brown

Marketing Partner Associate

Heather is a 15-year branding veteran who specializes in brand development, strategic marketing and public relations programs for travel/tourism, lifestyle experiences and luxury consumer goods clientele.

As a successful consultant and AG marketing partner, Heather provides tailored services for esteemed hotels across the US, from iconic global brands The Ritz-Carlton and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to independent properties like Hotel Sax Chicago, Fillmore Hospitality and Mountain Lake Lodge.

Before going solo, Heather spent ten years as Director of Brand Marketing at Montage Hotels & Resorts, where she led the launch of the ultra-luxe Montage brand. From the inception of Montage to the debut of the company’s first three hotels, Heather was on the front lines of framing the brand and marketing its experiences to a high-end audience. Her programs have been emulated across the hospitality industry and helped elevate Montage to its status as one of the nation’s most lauded luxury brands.

Taking her University of Oregon degree to the Bay Area, Heather honed her hospitality know-how at The Argent Hotel, Westin St. Francis and The Montgomery Group in San Francisco.

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